Lovely Great Wave

Hi All,

I received a lovely comment today, from lalefrommars:

I always loved The Great Wave by Hokusai but I really like how you changed the palette of colors of the sky. I think it really highlights the energy and violence of the wave.

I wanted to share because one of my favourite things about running this store is seeing happy people posting either comments or photos of what they bought. It’s nice to know that something I created has made someone else happy. That’s why I ask everyone to show me what you bought, use #SonderSky or send them in directly!

The piece that Lalefrommars is referring to is Great Wave: Kanagawa Night. Shown below as a scarf, it’s also available as a variety of accessories and clothing items:

New This Week:

More of the Great Wave: Kanagawa Night print!

Specifically, as a bench, wrapping paper, and a t-shirt.
View these and more here.

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